A Note for Andrea

Instrumentation: Flute, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano

Duration: 15 minutes

Premiered on 3/28/15 at Trinity Lutheran Church of Manhattan in New York, NY

About the Work

      In the spring of 2011, my friend Andrea Alfieri decided to take his own life. His death was sudden, tragic, and left many questions unanswered. Some suicides are accompanied with a farewell letter, but in this case there was none. This piece functions as a suicide letter from Andrea. These texts set to music explore themes related to his personal life and the internal struggles that he dealt with. The final haunting words 'Ever have one of them good dreams where all is well?' was a public post on his Facebook account and is the last thing Andrea wrote before his passing. With these songs I hope to bring some peace and understanding to his death, as well as calling attention to this growing issue of suicide. This piece is dedicated in loving memory to Andrea."

-Brian Petuch, composer


I. Suicide’s Note by Langston Hughes
II. Child by Sylvia Plath
III. Death and Fame (excerpt) by Allen Ginsburg
IV. Sea Calm by Langston Hughes
V. One of Them Good Dreams, words by Andrea Alfieri

Conductor: Dmitry Glivinskiy
Tenor: Kevin Delaney
Flute: Alice Jones
Bass clarinet: Jen Augello
Violin: Shyang Puri
Cello: Seth Biagini
Piano: Robert Fleitz

Video by Josh Vertolli

Presented by The Secret Opera