The Weight of Light - Announcement and first blog post ever

Hi everyone! This is my first blog ever and I think I'll start by setting a mostly casual tone on here. I'll be updating this every so often when I think there's something nice to share.

So first big announcement....this has been a very long time in the making, but I'm developing a "game" of sorts. Well, it's more like a virtual environment that I'm thinking about as a kind of theater. Basically, you (the audience) walk around a landscape and as you walk the music changes depending on where you are. As you explore you'll come across many other hidden "scenes" besides the main area.

I want to share the first Beta release of one of the scenes in the game. It's a VERY slow moving scene and has very limited movement. You press "W" to move forward and you can look around with your mouse. I am new to programming so this is all waaay out of my comfort zone at the moment so please feel free to leave comments and feedback.

Weight of Light - Beta Demo 1

This demo is Mac only but shoot me a comment or email at if you'd like to try it on PC.