Instrumentation: Indeterminate

Suggested Duration: Anywhere from 4 minutes to 16 hours

About the Work

     Sunrise/Sunset is a work for an open instrumentation and has an unfixed duration. The work is essentially a very basic structure with a set of simple instructions, and because of this it remains a highly flexible work that can be used in a variety of settings. The piece can be performed as a typical concert work for any ensemble or it can be realized as a 16 hour installation that depicts a literal sunrise and sunset.

About the the Full 16 Hour Installation

     A daylong communal performance that tracks the movement of the sun across the sky. Musicians and listeners alike participate together in a beautiful meditation on the passage of time and our place beneath the sun. The piece begins at sunrise in primordial hush, intensifies to a brilliant climax at midday, and fades away with a "green flash" summation of the day just after sunset.

     Sunrise/Sunset is at its best when performed in a place where the course of the sun can be seen clearly throughout the performance and where audience members can easily happen upon the music. The impact of the piece is broader still when professional and avocational musicians perform side-by-side on a wide variety of instruments and voices. The piece has a flexible structure that can be adapted for any number of musicians and a variety of durations.

In short:

  • Duration: one full day from sunrise until sunset, or a somewhat shorter duration if required by the production

  • Instrumentation: open instrumentation with electronics

  • Full day premiere: June 21, 2018 at World Trade Center, New York, NY

  • Available for booking, contact at